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Van IT

VAN-IT is the first campervan hire company in France for your travels and holidays ! Campervans holidays give you total freedom !! You go where you want, when you want!!

The campervan hire specialist in France for more than 10 years. We have campervans for every customer, every budget and every expectations, being the more serious possible and having high quality expectations.

Our Volkswagen California campervans are fully equipped for camping : 2 to 4 beddings, 2 cooking burners, sink + 50l water tank, a real fridge and even auxiliary heating for the winter !

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Van IT insurance

General conditions
Insurance is 5 € / day for a driver over 25 y.o and 10 € / day between 21 and 25 y.o.

Vehicles are insured “every risks” for an amount of 5€ / day of rent. The guarantee applies to the following risks:
- civil liability without limitation of amount in the event of an accident, up to 762.245 € in case of fire or explosion.
- Defence and appeal: at the level of 1600 €
- theft and fire
- natural disasters
- damages any accidents for the vehicle
- physical protection of the driver and the passengers.

The vehicle is only insured for the period of the rent indicated on the rental agreement. Crossed this deadline and except if a continuation is accepted by VAN-IT, the tenant will be only responsible for any damages caused andor undergone by the vehicle.

Obligation in case of incident
At the risk of being declined from the insurance, the tenant makes the commitment of:
- declaring to VAN-IT within 24 hours and to the authorities of police any accident, theft or fire, even partial;
- sendind the report directly to the insurer within 72 hours following the accident, a copy of which being also sent to VAN-IT;
- Mentioning in his(her) statement the circumstances, date, place and the hour of the accident, name and address of witnesses, registration of the car of the third party, the name of his(her) insurance company and its policy number of insurance.
- Joining to this statement any police report, expert's report, if established;
- Discussing on no account the responsibility, or deal or compromise with third parties with regard to the accident;
- passing on to VAN-IT the notices, the letters, the assignments, the extrajudicial acts as well as any parts of procedure of which he would have been adressed.
In case of theft, of attempt of theft and vandalism, the Tenant will have to make the statement to the local authorities of police or gendarmerie and VAN-IT within 48 hours and will have to deposit a complaint. The Tenant will have to pass on to VAN-IT the original of the complaint and keep a copy. He will have to give as soon as possible to VAN-IT all the documents of the vehicle and the keys. The no-return of the keys of the vehicle will automatically cancel the theft warranty and the invoicing of the totality of the value of the vehicle and expert's expenses.
In case of non compliance with these obligations, the Tenant would entirely be considered as responsible, VAN-IT reserving the right to prosecute against him/her.

Assistance 24H / 24 – 7D / 7
It covers the assistance to the vehicle and to the persons transported in case of mechanic breakdown or of accident. It takes care of:
- the expenses of towing (at the level of 200 €);
- the routing (continuation of the journey or return in the place of residence of the passenger): 1st class train or economy class plane, taxi on a distance of 100 km;
- costs of hotel + breakfast at the level of 80 euro / night (1 night maximum in France and 3 nights abroad);
- and, if necessary, the expenses of repatriation of the vehicle and the persons transported up to the point of departure of the rent.

This assistance is valid in all the countries enumerated in the article 6.2 of the present terms and conditions. It works 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

All the expenses of assistance which could be engendered further to an incident liking of the responsibility of the customer will be completely at his expense. The expenses of towing relative to a battery unloaded by the customer will so be chargeable to this one.

Exclusions from the insurance
The damages enumerated below are not covered by the insurance and will entirely have to be taken care by the Tenant:
- Tyres, car radio, electronic devices (GPS), broken windows (windows, windscreen and rear-view mirror), the damages inside the vehicle. The damages due to the gel, and the objects or the personal effects, are on no account covered by our insurance. All the expenses engendered for this type of repair will be chargeable to the Tenant.
For the tyres : the vehicle is supplied to the Tenant with tyres which the state and the number are in accordance with the regulations in force. In case of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than the normal use, the Tenant makes a commitment to replace it at his own expenses by a tyre of the same dimension, same brand.

Destitution of guarantee
The Tenant will lose the profit of all the insurances or guarantees in case he does not respect one of the measures of the article 6 of the present terms and conditions, within the framework of a false statement in the rental agreement andor in the accident report, attempt of swindle, severe violation of the traffic rules or quite other liable fault committed deliberately, within the framework of a voluntary fact, suicide attempt, or to any illicit purposes.

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