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Pure Motorhomes France

Top Quality vehicles in multiple locations throughout Europe!!!

 All vehicles are in top condition and from the reliable manufacturer “Dethleffs”, Germany's Number 1.

Choose among the practical alcoves, sleek semi- integrated and luxury eight meter long integrated motorhomes.

Vehicles can be taken into other European Countries

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Pure Motorhomes France insurance


1 Our vehicles are covered by a third party motor insurance valid in the countries of the European Union, in Switzerland and Norway. In line with the principles of the comprehensive insurance, the lessor exempts the renter from all responsibilities under civil law in exchange for a security deposit to be provided by the renter in the amount of € 1,800.00 (accepted Credit Card: Visa & Master Card) for each event of damage or loss. 

2 This insurance covers motor vehicle third-party liability without limitation for bodily injury, to an amount of € 100,000,000 for damage to property and economic loss, € 1,530,00 thereof for economic loss only, and to an amount of € 1,500,000 for damage caused by inexcusable gross negligence. This insurance does not apply to bodily injury of the driver.Damage to the vehicle (fire damage, climatic events, theft, damage, damage caused by accident and technological disasters) are covered by the insurance minus a gross excess of € 1,800 to be borne by the Hirer. The gross amount of the excess is reduced from € 1,800 to € 1,000 when the Hirer chooses the option "reduction of the excess“ at the price according to the current price list before receiving the vehicle. We draw your attention in particular to the dimensions of the vehicle that will require increased attention for certain manoeuvres and may make it impossible to pass certain traffic infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, etc.) the maximum height of which is shown in advance according to applicable law.
ATTENTION: In case of damage to the vehicle caused by a failure to observe height limits, the admissible total vehicle weight, by a poor assessment of the dimensions and, in general, in case of damage to the superstructure (body shell) of the vehicle hired-out to you, you are liable for all repair costs within the maximum liability limit for that kind of damage.

3 Our insurance does not cover:
•  damage to high part of the motorhome (roof, alcove, as well as all parts of the vehicle in a height of more than 2.50 m);
• tyres;
• car radio;
• personal effects;
•  damage to the interior of the vehicle;
• frost damage.

4 The vehicle is only insured for the contractually agreed rental period. After the expiry of that period, the Hirer must take care of any damage and incident that the vehicle is affected by or involved in personally, unless an extension was expressly accepted by the Rental Firm in advance.

5 Moreover, the insurance cover is excluded and the Hirer is liable for fully settling any damage in the following cases:
•  in case of damage caused by intent or fraud on part of the Hirer or the driver;
•  when damage is caused while the Hirer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
•  if the Hirer or the driver have given false information and were not of the required age or were not in the possession of the legally prescribed required and valid licences and permits;
•  if the Hirer or a driver to whom the Hirer has let the vehicle has committed hit-and-run driving;
•  when the Hirer violated duties under Item 10(please refer to it in terms and conditions), unless the breach of duty has not had any influence on the determination of the cause of the damage and the amount of the damage;
•  when the damage was caused as a consequence of a use of the vehicle in breach of Item 9(please refer to it in terms and conditions);
•  when any damage is cause by a drive who was not named upon renting the vehicle;
•  when damage is caused by a failure to observe the vehicle dimensions;
•  when damage is caused by a failure to observe the regulations as to additional load and total vehicle weight.

6 According to the principle of limitation of penalty claims to the author, the Hirer is solely liable for any infringements under penal law that are committed during the time he/she has the vehicle in his/her possession. He/she must pay the respective fines.

7 The Hirer is jointly and severally liable, together with the drivers, for the conditions of the contract and its appendices.

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