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Avis CarAway Motorhome Rental

AVIS Car-Away, founded 36 years ago, in 1979, has established itself as a pioneer operator with an initial fleet of seven motorhomes in the Paris region and become the leader in motorhome rentals in France. Our company has been an Avis© franchise for motorhomes since March, 1985.

AVIS Car-Away is dedicated to motorhome rentals only. We know our business well so you are served by specialists. Our customer service staff are highly trained, and have bilingual capabilities, while our depot management team do everything possible to make sure the stay of our clients a pleasant one.

Today, more than half of our clientele is international. 

All our motorhomes are models current-year or late models.

We have a large fleet of campervans and motorhomes. The vehicles in our fleet range from a 2 berth MiniVan to the spacious 4/5/6 berth motorhomes and our luxury Class A motorhomes.

AVIS Car-Away is privately owned and independent, but has a close relationship with motorhome manufacturers providing the best product selection and ongoing product knowledge.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Avis CarAway Motorhome Rental insurance

Public liability insurance protects AVIS CAR-AWAY for 760,000 € in case of fire or explosion. Public liability is unlimited in case of accident.

All the drivers must be approved, be at least 23 years old and have already held a full domestic driver’s license for at least three years. International driving license is not mandatory. No charge for additional driver.

AVIS CAR-AWAY vehicles are insured against damage to vehicle from accident, fire, theft, vandalism and third part claim, subject to a 3,000 € excess clause. In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, the client’s responsibility is limited to a maximum of 3,000 € per occurrence.

This guarantee is effective in the majority of western countries : France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. (Sept.- 2015). Other countries on request.

Exclusions : Are not covered by our insurance ( = Customer’s responsibility is unlimited), even with the purchase of PAI :
- Damages due to frost
- Damages to the interior of the vehicle
- Radio, tires, wheels, side mirrors and all glass damages (windscreen, windows)
- Theft of Personal belongings, or vandalism
- Electronic devices provided by Avis Car-Away (GPS, TV, antenna)
- Damages to the roof
- Damages caused by striking objects/trees.

PAI – 24 HOUR BREAKDOWN INSURANCE = 8 € per day (to a maximum of 300 €)
Assistance to passengers and vehicle in case of mechanical breakdown or non responsible accident. Towing costs, lodging (with a limit of 38 € per person per day), other transportation or repatriation to departure location are covered by this insurance. This is valid in countries listed in insurance green card.
Radio, air conditioning, refrigerator, propane-gas and 12 volt-appliances malfunctions are not considered to be mechanical breakdowns.

If the customer is involved in an accident with another vehicle, he must fill out the accident report : take down circumstances, date, place, name of any witnesses, third part name, insurance company and policy.
In addition to any repairing cost or charge, the Renter is liable to pay Avis Car-Away the Eur 40 accident administration fee. (per accident). If the renter is not responsible, that amount will be refunded.
Any responsible accident or accident due to violation of road/traffic regulations, and which prevents the motorhome being used again, constitutes early termination of the rental agreement irrespective of which Insurance chosen.
In such a case, there is no refund for unused days and no exchange motorhome.

The customer is strongly recommended to purchase a Breakdown insurance. AVIS CAR-AWAY will be pleased to provide policy details on request, should the customer not have his own cover.

In case of the theft of the motorhome, it is mandatory to fill a complaint with the authorities within 48 hours of the theft. Hand in the complaint form receipt with the keys of the vehicle. The customer may be held fully responsible if keys are not returned.
The customer agrees to pay the full cost of replacing all contents supplied by Avis CarAway (including but not limited to; radio, GPS units and keys).
Personal belongings are not covered by Avis Car-Away.

AVIS CAR-AWAY will make every effort to provide the Motorhome model requested. If, for any reason beyond AVIS CAR-AWAY‘s control, the reserved vehicle is not available, AVIS CAR-AWAY reserves the right to substitute a model of similar or higher rated vehicle.

Upon arrival, the client should expect to fill out a rental contract, to leave a 2,000 € security deposit - The supplier only accept credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX) -, to show a valid driver’s licence and to inspect the vehicle before leaving.
The security deposit is payable to Avis Car-Away by an open signed credit card imprint with an authorisation obtained (sufficient funds must be available) for 2,000 €.
The security deposit will be cancelled 30 days after the vehicle is returned to the correct location on time, is full of fuel and all other terms of the rental contract have been complied with.
The security deposit will be used if :
- we receive speeding, road toll, parking and traffic fines. In this case, the Renter is liable to pay Avis Car-Away the 40 € infringement administration fee per fine/ticket.
- there is damage to the vehicle on its return.

Should for reasons beyond the suppliers control a vehicle not be available on the book date, The supplier's liability is limited to a refund for hire days lost. Departure time is imperative and is noted down in customer’s contract.
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